Contemporary Art Restoration

Restoring contemporary art is one of our specialties, and we do it following the current criteria for the conservation of such special and fragile art.

The variety of materials used to create modern art implies the knowledge of their properties and aging mechanisms before being able to intervene. For this reason, restoring contemporary art is an important and very specific discipline within the field of art restoration.

Restoring a contemporary work of art does not have the same approach or criteria as restoring an antique work of art, as many other factors must be taken into account. The dimensions, the use, the fragility of the mixed media, the matte or gloss finish and knowing the artist’s intention are key to restoring the work. The choice of the type of materials used to restore contemporary art is extremely important, as these materials must be stable and reversible, as well as durable and respectful of the original, both aesthetically and structurally.

Our treatments seek the maximum professionalism and criteria, applying the latest technology, with a team of professionals with training and experience in national and international entities where preserving and restoring contemporary painting, restoring modern sculptures and new materials, is a science.

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